Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tuesday Link List: Comedy Edition

Do I smell a new tradition? Maybe.

1. Overheard websites. Always entertaining. Frequently Updated

Overheard in New York

Overheard in the Office

Overheard in College

2. Paper Street. The web archive of a comic from UVA's Cavalier Daily News Paper. Click on the "daily strips" link. Never updated, so savor them like a fine wine.

Paper Street Industries

(Thanks John)

3. Home Star Runner. Needs no introduction.

Home Star Runner

4. Is this video as funny as everybody thinks? Or has Will Ferrell brainwashed everybody. I can't decide. I guess a drunken, cursing, threatening two year old is pretty good. If you go to this site watch "The Landlord" if you haven't already seen it. If you have an opinion about it, leave it in the comments, I'm curious what people think.

Funny or Die

5. The East Village Idiot. I was just introduced to this Blog today. I can't decide if I love it or hate it, but here it is.

The East Village Idiot

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